I am the proud owner of Tumi and the director of a team of motivated hairdressers for the past 16 years, thanks to our loyal client base in Richmond.

Fashion and hair is an evolving craft, and I have had the privilege of training under some of our industry leaders. Seasonally, I find myself being inspired through industry training such as the Global Trend courses. Throughout my 24 year career I have also had the opportunity to partake in fashions shoots, editorials, runway shows and hair conventions.

The main reason for becoming a salon owner was to pass this knowledge and experience onto my staff. I constantly challenge myself and staff to break down any rules that restrict creatively. I also look into ways that I can encourage a creative atmosphere, which cherishes skills and new ideas, so each client can acquire an optimum hair experience and understanding of what styles they can achieve and manage.



I have spent 20 years developing my skills as a hair and make-up artist. My dedication to my craft has allowed me to travel the globe and be inspired by fashion and its influences. My motivation is to capture the total look for each and every client as I put my experience into practice on a day-to-day basis.


Manager/Senior Stylist

Hi my name is Molly

I have been part of the Tumi team as long as i have been hairdressing which is approximately 9 years. I have been trained by the directors of Tumi Renato & Louisa, during all this time, focusing not only on hair but also on beauty.

I have a very strong passion for my chosen career. Connecting with people and making them feel great about themselves is what i enjoy the most. If you are looking for a passionate hair stylist that enjoys listening to your styling needs, look no further.

When you come and see me it’s the complete service, from the thorough consultation right through to showing you how to achieve salon results at home with minimal effort.

I love all aspects of hairdressing and beauty services, so speak to me about your haircare needs or hair removal needs.

I am currently traveling the world exploring. My aim is to gain experience in different parts of the globe and bring this inspiration to tumi in due time.



I’ve been hairdressing since 2006 completing almost 11 years in my chosen craft.

I have travelled the globe and have experienced hairdressing in many different salons around the world.

I feel this gives me an advantage in my work that I am able to bring into each and every look that I create at Tumi hairdressing.

I have a true passion for the total look. When it comes to your next appointment or special event be sure to book ME. I love hair up styles and completing the total look with my keen eye for makeup.


senior stylist

My name is Juanita, I was born in Colombia, South America

I have always been interested in design, architecture, fashion and art in general.

I won a scholarship in 2003 to study fashion Design In Bogota (Colombia) This scholarship created many opportunities fashion related.

After 6 years working as a fashion designer, participating in magazines photoshoots, runways, visual merchandising, teaching and finally directing my own bridal studio I decided to moved to Australia looking for a challenge and new professional opportunities .

I was always fascinated by hair. I feel it is a key part of fashion and achieving the total look.

I started studying hairdressing in January 2012, and joined Tumi Hair in October 2015 and have not looked back ever since.

I continue to grow and developed as a stylist thanks to the support and mentoring of the whole team at Tumi.

Hairdressing has became my passion and i can not wait to bring my previous skills and experience to my work at Tumi.