Tumi is about indulging in the beauty experience. We will treat you to real coffee, a herbal or naturopathic tea and even a glass of wine. Every minor detail has been carefully considered with you the client in mind. Our music selection has been hand picked for your listening pleasure, our chairs designed for comfort and we know you’ll love our scalp massage.
Personal Consultation
Our stylists will listen to your requests and give you their professional opinion on your hairs ability to reach its optimum results, taking into consideration your lifestyle, face shape, hair texture, skin tone, etc. Its important to us that you are able to achieve the same results when you get home. Our staff will always take the time to advise you on the best ways and accompanying products to achieve your new style. Feel free to ask questions and interact while they are styling your hair. Remember that knowledge is for us to share. We value your time and don’t believe in overbooking or squeezing in appointments.
Its not just about hair, its about the entire package. Whether it needs to be waxed, tanned or tinted our staff are here to assist you with your maintenance needs.
Seasonally, we participate in the Global Trends Course held in the Asia Pacific rim. This is a collaboration of trainers and educators from around the globe introducing the latest style trends, incorporating – cuts, colours and styling techniques.